Mar 14, 2013


A few weeks ago the gals I retreat with took a field trip to San Diego! It was a great time, we visited 5 quilt shops and the zoo, here is the group of us!
 We retreat twice a year at a bed and breakfast down the mountain a little bit, I have pictures of the past sewins but of course they have yet to make it to the blog, maybe this will be the year..............
 Then the following week I was due to get Little Miss Sunshine but it happened to fall on the day a blizzard was in effect! Think it stopped me from going? Nope! It took longer to get there then longer to get home but it was worth it.
Plus we got to visit our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Flagstaff, they have the best roasted jalapeƱo salsa that is to die for!
 Sigh, love those cheeks! Yep, she was so worth the blizzard!
 My quilting mentor, who always finishes her quilts herself asked me to do something with this quilt she had made years and years and years ago! It came out really pretty and I was happy to do it for her!
A closer shot at the top.........and the lovely back!
Thankfully the weather has finally taken a turn for the better! Been getting a little spring quilting done inside and out! Next I am anxious to get some sunflower, morning glories and snap dragon seeds planted, its been a couple years since taking the time to do it and I have missed them a lot!

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kingman quilter said...

Stephanie - I'm trying to get in touch with you re: KQG website info - like the charter.....

Hopefully you'll get this email!!